VASC GSR Group Report

The best way to submit your GSR Report is to click HERE which will open your email program and prefill an email with the GSR Form.

If this doesn’t work then the next best way to hand in your GSR report is to cut and paste the items below into an email and send to the secretary at To do this click and drag your mouse to select all the lines below then right click and copy. Then click on the email address above and then paste the lines into the mail.

GSR / Alt GSR Name:
Group name/location:
Meeting time:
Average weekly attendance:
Group Communications (Anything your group would like to share with the VASC):

Total monthly collection:
Monthly Rent paid:
ASC contribution:
Other expenses:
Prudent reserve:


If this doesnt work or you would like to table the report at the ASC then print off the GSR Report below.

GSR Group Report Click Here

Literature order form Click Here