NA Service Committees and Positions


Literature organises purchase of NA literature for the groups and for outside parties.

The Fellowship Service Office is the distributor for Narcotics Anonymous literature in Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

You can phone them on 02 9565 1453.

Public Relations Committee

NA’s Public Relations committee deals with the public through various activities including public information (PI) sessions about the Narcotics Anonymous program to health professionals, law enforcement agencies, universities, schools and community groups. For more information click here.

The committee meets once a month and members are welcome to attend and get involved. For more info email

Hospitals and Institutions (H&I)

H & I Presentations carry the message of recovery to addicts in hospitals, treatment centres, correctional facilities and adolescent institutions.

To find out more and how you can help email 

Conventions & Activities Committee (CAC)

CAC organises NA Victoria’s annual convention and other social activities.

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To contact or assist with the helpline, or for more info email


Outreach organises visits to regional and rural meetings and helps them stay connected with the wider fellowship.

For more info email

Group Service Forum (GSF)

The GSF is a resource for members and groups in their efforts to fulfil their primary purpose by providing an open forum to share Group challenges and
successes, discuss recovery-based topics, and hold workshops.
The GSF is intended to help groups better carry the message within their meetings by separating out the group support function from the “business” of
providing NA services. The GSF gives groups the opportunity to share problems they may be encountering and to seek solutions from each other, to talk about
what’s working well, and to have informal workshops on topics of their choice while avoiding the distraction of discussions about complex services provided
outside the group.
The GSF functions as a discussion-based gathering of the local NA community and may be an easier or less intimidating way for some members to get
introduced to service. The GSF is intended to be like a community or neighbourhood gathering, not another level of service.

Membership in the GSF is informal. It generally consists of the Facilitator,
Treasurer, GSF Delegate and group representatives, as well as any other
interested members

Local Services Conference (LSC)

Local Service Conferences (LSC) are decision-making meetings where NA services are prioritised, strategic plans are developed and budgets approved. LSCs are held four times a year with each meeting taking a different focus.

The LSC sets service delivery priorities for the year ahead as put forward by GSRs and/or GSF representatives. Group proposals and recommendations play a primary role in setting the direction of services because they inform the Service Plan.

Service delivery proposals and recommendations can range from activity planning (fund-raising, trivia nights), to convention proposals, as well as fellowship development (H&I, Public Relations, Unity Days).

The Board creates plans and a budget to be presented and approved at the LSC.


Can anyone make proposals and recommendations to the LSC?

Yes, individual members, groups and GSFs can put proposals and recommendations to the LSC.

Ideally, GSFs take the lead in putting forward proposals and recommendations based on the services they wish to advance.

What is the process for requesting Board approval and funding?

Groups or GSFs can request approval from the Board for Service Plan activities and funding by:

  • Talking with a Board member
  • Sending the Board an email
  • Attending a Board meeting

Can anyone attend a Local Service Conference?

Everyone is welcome to attend a Local Service Conference (LSC).

How does the Fellowship Services Office (FSO) fit into all of this?

The FSO provides the Australasian Region with official literature for Narcotics Anonymous. This includes, key tags, banners, books, pamphlets and other NA produced items. Anyone can order literature from the FSO.

Your GSF or the Board can help members and groups with their literature orders too. For more information just email:

What is NAWS?

Narcotics Anonymous World Services (NAWS) provides literature, service materials, bulletins and various other tools for NA members, NA groups, and NA service committees as resources in their NA service delivery efforts.

NAWS does not have any centralized control over any NA members, NA groups, or other NA service committees.

Local Services Board (LSB)

The LSB’s role is the day-to-day administration of services. The LSB oversees workgroups and routine services; coordinates the planning assemblies; and
develops a budget and a strategic plan for review, input, and approval at the LSC meetings.

The two main elements of local services are the quarterly local service conference (LSC) and the local service board (LSB). The LSB is elected by the LSC and meets more often than the LSC so that it can better administer the
tasks delegated to it. These tasks may include ongoing services such as H&I panels or a phoneline, recurring events such as an annual convention or
anniversary, and projects such as attendance at community events or public
information presentations to professionals. The LSB is also responsible for administrative tasks such as distributing minutes and paying regular bills. The LSB also coordinates the annual planning assembly and develops a budget
and project plans for review, input, and approval at the LSC.

Australian Regional Service Committee (ARSC)

The ARSC deals with all Australian NA Service Areas. The ARSC currently has 16 seated areas, each seated area is represented by a Regional Committee Member (RCM).

The ARSC meets once every four months and the Regional Committee Members are the only voting members of the ARSC on most issues.

Region provides services through subcommittees such as Public Relations, Outreach, IT, Policy, Indigenous, FSO and NA Today. These are all subcommittees operating under the ARSC umbrella. All subcommittee chairs are accountable to the ARSC body as a whole and are allocated a budget to effectively deliver their service.

The ARSC has an Administration Committee. Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Regional Delegate and Alt Delegate. Regional & Alt Delegate carries Australia’s collective Group Conscience to World Services.

ARSC also fund flows to NAWS and to the Asia Pacific Forum (APF). Many of the APF regions/areas are dependent on fund flow from more solvent fellowships.

NA has a global presence and Australia is part of that presence through our local and regional service systems.

For any general info email