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National Help Line: 1300 652 820
Victorian Area email:

For issues relating to Public Relations contact

Victoria Local Service Board (LSB)

Victoria Local Service Board (LSB) – Meets Virtually on the fourth Sunday of the month, 10:00am Zoom ID: 86767914403

Victorian Local Service Conference (LSC) meets four times per year, on the fourth Sunday in February, May, August, and November. For venue location please email the Victorian Secretary.

To apply for vacant service positions, contact secretary.

LSB position holders e-mail addresses :-

Chair :
Vice-Chair :
Secretary :
Treasurer :
Policy :
Public Relations :
H&I :
Alt-RCM :

Helpline :

Outreach :

The Fellowship Service Office is the distributor for Narcotics Anonymous literature in Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.
You can phone them on 02 9565 1453.